Sleepy-Eyed John


Well I went down yonder on Caney Creek

Whittled out a fiddle from my wagon seat

Tuned my fiddle, rosined my bow

Played a little tune where ever I go




Sleepy-Eyed John you better get your britches on

Sleepy-Eyed John better tie your shoe

Sleepy-Eyed John you better get your britches on

Try to get to heaven before the devil gets you


Sleepy-Eyed John he stole a goose

The goose he flopped but he couldn't get loose

Said John to the goose, if you don't be still

We'll miss our supper down at Caney Hill


Sleepy-Eyed John he had a wooden leg

The leg wasn't nothing but a little wooden peg

One shoe off and one shoe on

He could do the double shuffle 'til the cows come home


Well I got twenty dollars for to build a fence

Took my money and I ain't worked since

Sold my donkey and I sold my plow

And I wouldn't take a dollar for my journey now