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Haeckel and Clyde - Mike Martin

Haeckel and Clyde were twins, you see
Not one much like the other
Doreeane gave birth to one
But he was his own brother

One lives in a mansion
Overlooking grassy hills
The other in a bottle
With his doctors and his pills

In the bottle is a fortress
No one drives a car 
Just a fortitude of solitude
And centuries of demar

In the grassy knolls, the lilies grow
The lilacs always bloom
Lyla walks on baby’s breath
A waking sweet perfume

In the bottle, war is raging
With the Hatfields and McMars
Clyde is courting Bonnie Parker
They’re out there stealing cars

In Haeckel’s halls, life is grand
The Dark Years will pass
Lyla did her nails and hair
Now she’s on her rass

Finesse and grace ain’t got no shoes
How do they keep from spilling the booze
McHaeli got his banjo back
How do you know when you got the blues

Clyde still haunts the back streets 
Collecting vacant souls
He fills their minds with obfuscation 
Stories full of holes

Please gather where they frolic
If you think you know
Which is Heackel and Jekyll
Which can Hyde from Clyde

by Joe Louis McMar
My Rendition