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The Jester and DeLilah - Mike Martin

The jester made a gesture
To the queen of Aberdeen
A soulful crave
The willing knave 
His passion could be seen

DeLilah Grace McGahee
She wears the wounds of war
Her heart she gave
A love to save
And offers up no more

Said the jester to DeLilah 
I can see your eyes are blue
A smile she gave
Unto the knave
These blues can see through you

DeLilah then I cannot lie
Nor can I spare you gloom
For mine have seen
What lies between
The shadows and the doom

Said DeLilah to the jester
I can see your pain
Came what would be
All that could
A life of toil in vain

Said the jester in return
Just keep it for yourself
Not I who swore
To love no more
Her heart upon a shelf

Not I who bore the scars of war
And reigns on Aberdeen
But my DeLilah 
Grace McGahee
Raving blue eyed queen
My Rendition