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The Trainman - Mike Martin

On the eastern grade of the switcher yard, down at Medicine Hat 
Thereís a tendency for cars to roll toward the Dunmore hill 
Back when I was switching trains there, one got loose on me
Sit a spell and grip your seat for the beans I'm about to spill

There were only four boxcars, no engine or caboose
A couple of flat decks at the tail
In all, six cars were loose

I caught up to it quick enough
Jumped on and tied a hand brake down
Well that didnít do a gosh darn thing 
Get back down on the ground

Outrun that headless train, I mean, catch up to the next car
Jump on again tie down the brake and again she barely felt it

Jump off again and back to running 
A boxcar now, outrun it
Jump on again, whatís this a ladder 
Yes, the brakeís up there

Up the ladder, tie the brake
Not much effect so far 
Down again, onto the ground 
Out run the next boxcar

Climb onto and up it like a boxcar acrobat
Crank another hand brake on 
She's slowing, how about that

Outrun the next and then the next
My very last handbrake 
If this one doesnít stop these cars
Iíll surely take the cake

A train is coming into town, right down the Dunmore Hill
Wonít they be surprised, if these cars decide to spill

I crank the brake, she squeals and moans
Small train now comes to rest

Big train goes by, and the cars are clear
The engine-man can see 
He blows the horn, whips off his hat
And just shakes his head at me
My Rendition