Enter symbol and a numerical weight for each holding.

Each holding needs Annual Report EPS data; entered separately.

ETF Holding

Moves Averages the inverse of P/E, called "Earnings Yield:.

P/E is thus the harmonic mean of P/E for holdings.

the average
P/E of Holdings into file.
Option: change/add/remove names/weightings of holdings.
ETF Symbol:
Change percent weight.

Its position will shift.

Modify, .
New symbol name and weight.

It will be inserted.

Add or .
Change % weight to zero.

It will disappear.

Delete .
Holding: Weight %
??? Mkt R.O.R. #yrs: ROR: ][]23[%/yr.  
The Green line is the center of the trend.

Its price is used for P/E and Yield.

Trend: $][]27[.
  This also calculates "bond" growth rate.

Its %/yr value has to be added to yield to get total return.

ROR: ][]33[ %/yr.
  and For steady P/E, this should be the same as chart %/yr above.

(For Yahoo charts; StockCharts include dividends.)

Symbol for Holding:
0% P/E:*** ROR:***%/yr   waiting to post: