K.I.S.S. RRSP Guide
To Keep It Simple, open an on-line account and buy Take your time entering; press GO to see if they are priced above the trend.

The HAC.TO stock below is a good parking place until they correct.

equal amounts
of the stocks in the list below. These stocks These are deliberately "Boring", for safety.

However, they can scare you if the market drops.

are defensive
but leave Example; HAC.TO should double the holdings every ten years, but will jump around.

GICs do not fluctuate, but they will not keep up with inflation.

in the dust. Do not do Press GO to see when to buy to avoid seeing Red Ink and being tempted to panic-sell.

any selling
until you retire, or "Deep Dive" below has a calculator to try scenarios.

It also predicts a Bear Market in ten years.

about 2031

Ten ETFs To Buy and Hold
Cdn Financials <=Yahoo chart
Cdn Grocers <= <=Yahoo chart
Cdn Real Estate <=Yahoo chart
Cdn Utilty Cos <=Yahoo chart
Rotator (GIC-like) <=Yahoo chart
Cdn Low Beta <=Yahoo chart
US Hi-div Cov. Call <=Yahoo chart
US Tech Covered Call <=Yahoo chart
A Conglomerate <=Yahoo chart
Energy Exposure<=XIU.TO chart index

Flat File Calculator (... Deep Dive.) Calculator Flat File