Landing on target.

Entering Date: Normally today's date wll be waiting for you after you sign in, and you can enter weight etc. and submit it if none is already stored. To correct data, you need to check the over-write box (see below).

You can also change to an earlier date and press the Submit button. That will bring up any existing data for the date in the box and if there was none, it will insert weight etc. Again, you can check the over-write box to correct it.

Entering Scale Weight: Most weight management apps recommend NOT entering daily weights because we tend to panic when they fluctuate. However, One Year From Now actually fluctuates LESS when give it daily data to filter.

It pays to reflect on the day anyway, and fill in the journal so you can go back later and decide what habit needs to be brought under control.

Entering " This is an alternative to the 'In One Year' signal. It operates day to day but does not give false impressions like the scale does. Growlies" Data. If you are feeling slightly hungry before breakfast, that is a signal that your body has started to pull calories out of fat cells. However, that may not happen until the weight has come down a long way.

If you find yourself "famished" that is a warning that your body will soon go into Famine Mode to protect itself. Keep this balance in mind - a few growlies are a good thing, but continuous ones are not.
Buttons: The Submit button normally requests data for the date above left, and
  • if none is posted, it sends what the user has supplied.
  • If data is already posted, it destroys user entries.
There is an over-write check-box, though. If it is checked,
  • what the user has supplied is inserted for the date-box, and
  • if the weight box is blank, it will clear any existing data.