Fast, Fast.

The title above is a bit tongue in cheek (some would say cheeky), but it is all too common to see advertisements for They cut out foods they claim are harmful.

They claim to increase metabolism somehow.

Etc. Etc.

miracle diets.
Diets fail for They are short-term, but the problem is long-term.

We focus on recording detail and ignore exceptions. Etc. Etc.

many reasons
, but what concerns us is that they usually try to push the body out of its natural adjustment to our habits.

Our calorie burn-rate The body is more fine tuned to fret about not enough to eat rather than too much.

then drops
into what is often called "Famine Mode". However shedding fifteen percent per year avoided that For his starting weight, 1/10 pound/day spread over a year.

for DeeJay.

Reasonable Expectations:

He started at 226lb, so let's take 15% of that He found that happened with comfortable but long-term habit changes.

per year
and see how many tablespoons of fat that is. One tablespoon of butter is 14.2g, and a pound is 453.2grams. Dividing grams shed by 14.2g, we get 3 tablespoons per day.

False Expectations:

Those three tablespoons can easily hide in large For DeeJay, weekly losses and gains tended to alternate.

In spite of that his loss rate was unusually fast.
fluctuations in what the scale reads. For example, the men in DeeJay's weight-loss group all started cheering and hollering when "weighing in". They ALL lost at the same time, and in some cases several pounds had disappeared.

Then someone realised that the Miracle Diet was a dry Calgary Chinook Wind that had blown in the day before.

Keep Your Eye on the Projection, Not Today's Reading

Results: The two week filtering-time gives lots of time.

The body's filtering time is more than twenty times longer.
pulling that one number down
locked the body in This is how nature works. See homeostasis.on goal.