Analogy. A
pilot's descent path is unpredictable.

When coming in for a landing, we cannot connect daily scale measurements to our goal. Daily losses 10% of 365lb body mass per year is a tenth of a pound per day.

That is the weight of two tablespoons H2O/day.
are tiny
, and hide in large E.G. the men in DeeJay's weight-loss group all started cheering.

A dry Calgary Chinook Wind had removed over a pound.

day - to - day
scale fluctuations. The wait time seems to be forever, so we burn out. As a result, many of us "diet" and then This is called Yo-yo Dieting.

Pilots call it "touch and go" - landing and taking off again.

bounce up

To address all that discouragement, this program projects forward This expands our mental horizon more than a hundred - fold.

Otherwise it's one bouncy day at a time.

one year
after filtering out daily scale False hopes arise when weight drops.

When it bounces back up again that hides real progress.
two different ways, Noise-filtering gives one a sense of stability and control.

It lets us keep the projection on target.
telling us
whether we will land on goal.

The ONE THING Approach:
Being near goal all the way down is encouraging.

The Japanese term, ichigyo-zammai', means full concentration on a single act. Pilots see a Airports combine radar variables into a single lighting pattern.

Pilots can thus focus on descending at a safe speed.
simplified signal
and The One Year From Now number tells us how we are doing.

That avoids shattered hopes from meaningless ups and downs.
so do we
; the
One-Year projection just below the Journal entries. Once we get it on goal, we can coast on habits and watch it.

After a while, the projection will drift up a bit and turn red. When that happens, switch focus and concentrate on changing one thing that will bring it back to green. Persist until the projection stops rising, which hopefully is just enough time to make a new habit second nature.

Results: The two week filtering-time gives lots of time.

The body's filtering time is more than twenty times longer.
pulling the projection down locked the body in This is how nature works. See homeostasis.on goal.