Landing on target.

Set aside a time to fill in this app and think back on the day rather than trying to track every calorie/step in the moment. The Cut, Burn and Feel reminders below give places to enter one-liners saying something like "oops - snacks" or "so far so good". Focus on the general trend rather than detail - that is what the "in One Year" bit is all about.
One-Liner - Cutting Calories: Think about your calorie intake and make a note of it here. Was it too much? Maybe time to congratulate yourself? Just staying aware that your appetite is satisfied will likely put you on a downward path. 'Journaling' trains one to " think about what we are doing and can counteract This is a real problem for many people. To conteract it, the Japanese single focus trick really helps. mindless eating".

In this spot, you might also make note of how much water you drink; consider using that as a habit to get you stopped eating at the end of a meal. Drinking water appears to help your body avoid " Famine Mode"; as if it thinks there is This is a metaphor at this point, not proven science. lots of rain.

One-Liner - Burning Calories: Build simple things in. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park at the back of the lot. Stand at your desk instead of sitting.
Yes, do cardio if that suits you.

Visualize a tug-of-war between incoming and outgoing calories pulling the blue line to the left up and down. ("Cut" and "burn" both pull it down.) Reflect on how you balanced them to hold the projection on goal tomorrow.

Manage Your Motivation ("Felt" above). Make another one-line note of how you felt during the day, to avoid losing sight of your reasons for being on this journey. Are you pushing yourself, or are goals pulling you along? Did you notice things "triggering" you to snack?
One Habit:
Think about challenges and take satisfaction when things work. You can refer back to these Journal entries later when selecting a new focus habit.