Landing on target. Artificial diets trigger the body to defend itself.

Horizontal Line

Actual Results
The green line to the right depicts holding the One Year Projection on the Data Entry page steady. As experiment showed below, Why fight the scale?

Let the projection on the data-entry page do it for us.

that tugs
the scale
weight down along a natural The name comes from radioactive decay, but the curve is everywhere.

E.g. oil well production decline or diffusion of an ink drop in water.
Decay Curve
for the body.

The Upper chart has Click on Step Response Below.

These numbers are standard for a control system.

two relevant
numbers. Firstly the horizontal 140lb line is what we enter as a target. Secondly our bodies have a characteristic Problem: People try shedding faster than this and trigger Famine Mode.

The body will abandon its decay curve and slow down instead.

rate of drop
originating with the rate at which we pull our cells apart and Only a few tablespoons of them per day.

refresh them

The lower chart shows the Click on Step Response Below.

This is a standard test of a control system.

actual drop, with This comes from a spreadsheet plot.

Measure the slope (%/yr), multiply by one year, and it wiggles but goes sideways.
a green line
, produced by walking 5km/day and pacing eating to give a few hunger pangs once per day.

That confirmed standard decay behavior, with a measured rate of just over one year, so the program uses that rate in its projections.

Cell recycling is a There is a tendency in all living things to find an equilibrium.

See Homeostasis. (It's based upon negative feedback.)

tightly regulated
process, and if you try to force your weight down faster, Thinking about this is evolving.

However, it is pretty clear the body clamps down on the burn-rate if we over-do dieting.

"Famine Mode"
will cause a These are discouraging periods when hunger is the only result.

Disrupting normal regulation needlessly stretches out the rate of drop.
. Following Tablespoons per day.

nature's pace
works much better.
Click for measuring the body's characteristic "step response".