bioFeedback. Our bodies are full of closed loops that control things; sometimes not so well.

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Mayo Clinic has a good explanation of the usual types of Biofeedback. Behind these methods is the fact that the human body is full of signal paths Example: the sensor for temperature control is at the base of the brain.

The sensor for blood sugar level is in the pancreas.
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The blood pressure activator is in the kidneys and the one for blood sugar level is in the pancreas. to activating processes, with results The feedback loop for weight gain involves "hunger pangs", which spur one to eat more. looping back to the sensors.

However, feedback control operates so well that we are usually Subconscious stress results from internal feedback.

External feedback can reveal it. See Mayo Clinic link.
of it until something exposes its bad Specifically, stress-hormones come from the body's feedback.

A Biofeedback hook-up shows their effects to the patient.
. The purpose of Biofeedback is to add a second return signal, giving us conscious control to address hidden problems.

Biofeedback can also fix a broken BMI-control loop.

Our appetite is in a one-sided control loop. Historically, food was scarce, so there was no urgency until recently for a Stop-Signal.

We can over-eat
with little awareness because the stop signal is weak, and for more than half of us the signal path is The stress of modern life has also led to "mindless eating".

Thus the missing Stop-Signal has new and different effects.
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a closed loop. Here too, what is hiding needs to be made visible so we know when and how to address it. The problem is compounded by scale weights That hides the balance between the calories we eat and the calories we burn. jumping around wildly.

This program is able to filter out where the hidden trend is going and The sensor is a combination of an ordinary scale and strong noise-filtering. feed it back to you as a one-year projection to The activator is will-power operating like a furnace.

Change one habit when needed to restore the in-out calorie balance.
hold on
your goal.

NB: Feedback loops can be measured; giving the math for the projection.