EXERCISE: Experiment with the interest rate r  and number of years to retirement t . What appears above is the result This is 73%/r in %/yr.

Thus inflation would halve your holding at minus 2%/yr.

for ten k invested in
an ETF called HAC.TO and just left sitting there. Try various other times - to - retirement, using your entire RRSP-room for P. Result A = ][]54[.

Try an "interest rate" of 10%/yr which we have recently been getting by holding banks. Several ETF choices in our list return about that much.

Try an aggressive rate of 20%/yr which we have been getting from an ETF holding Amazon, Google etc. in the list of ETFs. Here is the pattern you will find:

Divide the %/yr growth rate into 73 and you get doubling time.

Caveat: the above numbers do not take into account the effect of inflation.