Dixieland Delight - Alabama


                        C                                   G           Am                    F

Rollin' down-a backwoods Tennessee by-way  One arm on the wheel

                  C                    G          Am                            F

Holdin' my lover with the other, a sweet, soft Southern thrill 

                        C                          G                Am                             F

Worked hard all week, got a little jingle, on a Tennessee Saturday night 

                     C              G                         Fm               C

Couldn't feel better, I'm together with my Dixieland Delight




                  G                       Am                                               F  

Spend my dollar, Park in a holler 'neath the mountain moon-light 

               C                               G                            Am                                   F

Hold her up tight, make a little lovin', a little turtle-dovin' on a Mason-Dixon line

             Am             F            Fm               C

Fits my life, Oh, so right, my Dixieland Delight 



                C                                   G                       Am                     F

White-tail buck deer munchin' on clover.  Red-tail hawk sittin' on a limb 

                    C                             G           Am                              F

Chubby old groundhog, croakin' bullfrog, free as a feelin' in the wind

                     C                                  G                       Am                            F

Homegrown country girl gonna give me a whirl on a Tennessee Saturday night 

                   C                   G                        Fm               C

Lucky as a seven livin' in heaven with my Dixieland Delight 


(repeat chorus) 


Prepared by Mike Martin